DRYKI is a company that manufactures special reusable handkerchiefs designed to draw moisture away from the skin to keep you dry, confident and comfortable. The wipes are made from a special antimicrobial technical fabric that keeps your handkerchiefs smelling fresh even after repeated use and washing.
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The company approached us with a request to customize a purchased Shopify theme. At that time, the store was not yet operational and preparations for its launch were underway.

The client was not satisfied with the way a lot of features were configured “out of the box”. In addition, the site needed to improve the display of some sections and fix issues that were noticeable on the mobile version of the site.

Later, after the store’s launch, we continued to work on its improvement. Marketing tools such as email newsletters were implemented, including email design. Work on SEO optimisation of the site according to the client’s ToR is underway

Key Features


As a result of working on the client’s website, we managed to finalize Shopify theme, fix all the bugs (especially in the mobile version of the site), implement everything we had planned and launch the store.

We did:

  • Fixed the display of different sections for desktop and mobile versions
  • Added custom labels for products
  • Connected reviews to product pages
  • Customized additional features in the shopping cart (free shipping progress bar, Cross Sale Products).
  • Customized Blog pages
  • Klaviyo integration was set up
  • Email designs were developed and email newsletters were set up
  • To improve the SEO performance of the site, basic SEO optimization of the pages has been done and will be continued in the future.

We continue to work with the customer’s team and add new features to the site.

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