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Electric Bikes Brisbane is one of the lagest eBike shops in Brisbane. They have over 10 years of experience. One of their founding principles is quality, value, durability, reliability and performance and it reflects in the products that they select. One of the great things about Ebikes is the contribution that it makes to the environment. EBB are very keen to work with the manufacturers and supliers who have strong ethical principles and good enviromental policies. EBB - is a great team of professionals who will help you to find the eBike that REALLY suits you. Everything you expect it to do, your budget, how it feels and how you live with it long after the afterglow of the buying decision. "We love what we do and we’re proud that to this day it is still our ethos".
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About Project

The client approached us with a request to update the design of his existing site on Shopify, add filters to products, improve responsiveness, and create new pages necessary for business development at this stage. To increase the conversion rate of the site based on CRO analysis. For the client it was important that in addition to the basic requirements, the site would be easily customizable and manageable from the admin panel. The client’s request was also to improve basic SEO (restructuring of H1 tags and existing content form) and retention of link mass in search engines.


In addition, our team identified additional problems on the old customer site, such as a lack of quality and convenient filters, which would be based on a large number of technical charateristics of all products.

Key Features
  • HotJar Analysis
  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Base SEO Optimization
  • Labels for Products
  • Custom Tags Filtering
  • Content Restructuring and Management
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After a thorough analysis of user behavior on the client’s old site using HotJar, analysis of the client’s business niche and direct competitors, we prepared UX prototypes of the main pages for the future site (Home page, collections page and product page). Already at this stage we agreed with the client about the appearance and all future functionality of each page, discussed the benefits of the chosen solutions for the client’s business niche and explained how the filters, navigation and other technical features should work.


At the stage of preparing UI design layouts, we took into account all the wishes of the customer – from colors and images to non-standard design solutions to attract the attention of the client and get the best visual effect. After that our developers were able to bring the approved design to life. QA team thoroughly tested the site for bugs and responsiveness on various devices.


We launched the site at the appointed time, when all major and additional work was completed. We were able to add widgets to the launched site and replace links where needed in the shortest time possible so that SEO and user experience were not affected. We provided the client with the most detailed instructions for easy self-editing of the site. Now we stay in touch with the client and are always ready to help.

All team members were straightforward and easy to work with.
Thanks to Paspartoo's efforts, the website went live with minimal disruption and bugs. As a result, the site's functionality to support sales increased, and the client's online sales increased too. Paspartoo showed excellent project management and was responsive through email and virtual meetings.
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