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Our primary goal for this project was to craft a contemporary, brand-new design that represents premium class company while simultaneously enhancing conversion rates and site speed. Addressing the client’s specific requests, we focused on product detailed pages and collection pages. To ensure alignment with industry standards and client expectations, we conducted thorough research into the niche, competitor landscape, and client brief, integrating best practices accordingly.
We did our best to design a mark-up that complies with modern UX/UI practices. All edits were made under the strict guidance of the client. Although we also paid close attention to the both desktop and mobile version of the website.
At the development stage, we devoted a lot of time to creating a custom logic, metafields for products and sections, as well as apps integrating with the existing functionality of the website.

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The project unfolded across all stages of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), from initiation through wireframing, design, development, app integration, and culminating in a successful launch.
As a result, we meticulously crafted and developed the website to align with the client’s specifications, adhering to contemporary web development best practices. Furthermore, we provided comprehensive instructions to the content manager, outlining procedures for editing, setting up, and customizing main features, metafields, sections, pages, and more.

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