How we work with Shopify brands

Our approach to client collaboration is to become an extension of their business. This way, we can efficiently tackle any bugs, integrations, or new ideas through brief chat exchanges with our manager.
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  • A quick cycle of estimation and setting tasks to work
  • A professional full-time team of developers
  • Ready-made technological solutions for inexpensive and quick integration
  • Active participation in our clients’ businesses and providing complimentary consultations
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Development Flow

New Shopify Theme from Scratch

The process of developing a new theme or a new website with Shopify is a complex multi-step process. It involves a large team of specialists (business analyst, UX Designer, UI Designer, front-end, back-end developers, QA, project manager, etc.). Wondering how does Shopify work? Rest assured, our team has accumulated vast experience over the years, enabling us to deliver fully functional websites from scratch in as fast as 6 weeks.

We begin with the creation of a wireframe that covers all business requirements and provides optimal user experience. The next phase is web development, cross-browser testing, speed optimization, and project launch.

Despite the complexity of the process, our clients receive key updates with a review session when passing each stage. With this approach, you will get the best result, in a short time, with a fixed budget and without unnecessary risks.

How we work with new shopify theme

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

When purchasing monthly service packages, you will have the opportunity to directly submit a task to our system. This can be a bug-fixing task or a request for a new feature. Clients are not required to describe in detail what to do, it will be enough to formulate a business requirement and we will think of the best turnkey solution. Like no one else, we understand the importance of solving problems quickly. You will have an option to set a high priority for the task, or even an emergency one if the site’s functionality is preventing customers from placing a purchase. We are ready to help 24/7.
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Special Offer for marketing agencies

Modern marketing is inseparable from web development. With our help, you can expand your existing team of developers or create a new direction in your agency. We have a lot of experience in the white-label format of cooperation with marketing agencies.
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