How we work with Shopify brands

We’re your hub for Shopify design and development projects. No project minimums. No agency contracts. No hassle.

  • Project rates starting at $85/hour
  • On-going support packs starting at $79/hour
  • Work done in-house by our experts on staff
  • Fast and express turnaround times.

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Tell us what you need

tart by creating a simple project brief, or browse our project ideas for inspiration.

Submit a custom project

You’ll get a free estimate. Once approved, our project managers will gather the right people on the team to work closely with you on your project.
  • Only takes a couple minutes
  • Captures your project specs
  • From small and simple to complex project

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Explore project types

Explore hundreds of pre-defined project ideas that have had a positive impact on our customers’ stores.
  • Many ideas for your Shopify store
  • Select a project and submit
  • We clarify expectations and get started

explore project types


We assign you to a project manager on our team

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Our team starts working on your project by learning about your business needs.

  • Friendly and trusting communication
  • Prompt expert responses
  • Quick fixes and changes

What can I develop and design?

If it’s possible to implement the plans with Shopify, we’ll do it. We’ll easily customize themes, make code fixes, work on images, and more. You can see examples of the design of various pages and sections in the Project Types section of our website.

How long does it take?

Each project estimate has a clear timeline. Express options are also offered. We understand how important it is to make corrections immediately, correct work if necessary, and immediately respond to challenges. We do not delay the deadlines. We respond promptly and always keep you up to date with what is happening.

How much does it cost?

Our project estimates start at $85 per hour. Taking into account the customers’ wishes, we offer various budget options depending on the timing. We are ready to provide special conditions for regular customers.


Finalize your project and keep working with us

If you are satisfied with our work on the project, let’s continue our collaboration. We are happy to take on your other projects.

  • Unlimited revisions until the result are perfect
  • Push to your live store when you’re ready
  • Receive files or documentation
  • Preparing user manuals for custom solutions implemented by our team

How do I add to the project scope?

You can expand the scope of a project while it is still under development. We will assess new requirements and provide you with a project estimate.

How will we communicate?

We are ready to communicate with you in any way suitable for you, using various communication channels: messengers, phone, and mail. We will always keep you informed.

How can we continue our collaboration?

We’d love to work on your other projects. Whenever possible, we will try to involve exactly those designers and developers who have already worked on your project and are well acquainted with the features of your product. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable continuing to work with us.


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