Purra Performance

Purra Performance, a leading manufacturer, specializes in advanced antimicrobial and eco-friendly insoles. As the exclusive global licensee of Copptech technology for footwear and sporting goods, the company has developed a high-performance line of Essential Antimicrobial socks and other antimicrobial consumer products sold directly through the company's website and select retail partners.

About Project

We collaborated with Purra Performance to enhance their website by improving key elements such as product display pages (PDPs) and creating a custom page template for insoles. The original website lacked effective marketing sections on the PDPs. Our team optimized these sections, ensuring a seamless user experience and strategically highlighting their unique insoles. We transformed their online platform into a compelling showcase for their innovative products by customizing features and creating a custom template.

Key Features
  • Enhanced color previews
  • Marketing sections integration
  • Custom feature icons
  • Mosaic-style gallery
  • Okendo integration for reviews
  • Klaviyo checkout integration


Our collaboration with Purra Performance resulted in a comprehensive online platform transformation, yielding remarkable results. We introduced captivating color preview images to provide customers with a visually immersive shopping experience. The product gallery underwent refinement, adopting a mosaic layout that showcased products in a dynamic and engaging manner.


We strategically included key sections to enhance the brand’s marketing. Testimonials, which are genuine customer experiences, were integrated to reinforce trust and authenticity. We also added a dedicated space for main features and a comprehensive comparison table to highlight the superiority of Purra socks over others, which increased the site’s marketing appeal.


Our collaboration encompassed the implementation of customized icons for each feature. Easily selectable on the back end, these icons are dynamically mirrored on the front end, streamlining the user interface. This ensures that customers can quickly and effortlessly identify the unique attributes of each sock type.


The testimonial section was hardcoded, ensuring stability and efficiency in presenting customer feedback. We integrated real-time customer reviews into the website using the Okendo app to enhance the product’s credibility.


We also streamlined transactions and improved overall e-commerce functionality by integrating Klaviyo checkout. This ensures a smooth and secure checkout process, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our cooperation exemplifies the successful combination of aesthetic enhancements, marketing expertise, and seamless integrations. The revamped website not only meets but exceeds the customers’ expectations, positioning Purra Performance for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

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