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Results with Paspartoo CRO

Evolutionary Site Redesign (ESR)

This is a strategy of continuous UX/UI improvements (based on 8 years of experience in eCommerce) with the intent to increase conversion rates and enhance other KPIs.
Roadmap of revenue growth:
We collect information about the business model, competitors, user behavior, quality of media and text content, brand context, audience qualit, etc. This is the most important stage that forms a long-term business growth strategy.
Implementation of UX:
Fixing Issues and Improving UX/UI: Addressing problems and enhancing the user experience with new designs. Testing and Measuring Performance: Conducting tests and tracking results for improvements.
Continuous UX/UI optimization:
Correcting Errors Across Checkout, Product Cards, Main Page, and Search: Addressing mistakes in these areas. Implementing Fresh UX/UI Solutions: Introducing and executing new UX/UI concepts. Conducting A/B Tests and Analyzing Performance: If needed, testing and measuring results.

Benefits of ESR

Recoup costs in the short-term
You can enhance your site incrementally without a major redesign. Invest gradually, improve the interface step-by-step, and often recoup costs through initial A/B testing for conversions.
The redesign is entirely risk-free
Users will adapt to interface changes over time without affecting conversion rates. The incremental approach allows for immediate validation through web analytics and A/B testing.
Keep the project evolving without interruption
Continuous interface improvement anticipates customer needs, streamlines their online journey, and boosts conversion rates. This approach positions your site among the top players in your niche.

Conducting a UX Audit:

1.A thorough review of your business
During the design phase, we conduct a thorough analysis of the business goals and KPIs for the project. Additionally, we use Hotjar to evaluate the layout, navigation, design elements, and user behavior to gain insights into how users interact with the product and identify areas for improvement.
2.Website KPI analysis
We analyze the most important CRO requirements that have a great impact on conversion rate and store performance such as navigation, page structure and content. We check presence of all crucial and must-have sales elements. We pay a great attention to effortless mobile shopping experience.
3.User behavior analysis
We compare the UI design of your competitors, general design trends, and special features of your products. Based on this analysis, we develop design solutions that align with your target audience and business needs.
4.Heuristic interface evaluation
These pages are key on the store because the user most often spends time on these pages. Therefore, we analyze the frequent problems on these pages and prepare useful recommendations to resolve them.
5.Formation of hypotheses
This involves identifying products that are frequently purchased together, products that are often abandoned in the shopping cart, or products that have a high profit margin. This also involves determining when and where to offer additional products or services, what products to offer, and how to present the offers in a way that is most likely to be effective.
6.Preparation of a report
We analyze website traffic using Google Analytics, as well as website loading times, interactivity, and visual stability. We identify key problems and offer possible solutions. This analysis helps us to gain a better understanding of your users' behavior and preferences, which enables us to make data-driven decisions for improving your website's performance.
Conducting a UX Audit

Choose the CRO packages that best fits you

UX Optimization
  • General heuristic analysis of the entire project
  • Detailed analysis of up to 5 key pages of the site (Product Page, Homepage, Collection Page) that have the greatest impact on conversion rates
  • Up to 15 hypotheses with screenshots and detailed recommendations for solving identified problems
  • Google Sheets format or Pdf format for analysis
  • Up to 10 working days
/ Month
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Full Optimization
  • Detailed analysis of the entire project and all the key pages
  • Funnel tags in GTM, exploring heat maps, click and scroll maps, session videos
  • 30-50 hypotheses with detailed recommendations
  • Visual presentation and video explanation of the recommendations provided in the analysis
  • 15 working days
/ Month
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  • All items from the Standard package
  • User portrait analysis
  • Development of user behavior scenarios
  • Personal business interview
  • A/B testing
  • Creating prototypes for the most important pages
  • Accessibility UX Audit
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Clients About Us

From attention to detail to responsiveness, everything was professional
Paspartoo successfully delivered the project; the team went above and beyond to fix issues outside the scope. Moreover, they were highly responsive, timely, quick with revisions, and communicative. They were on top of every step, and their customer service was incredibly outstanding.
Acer Chang / Owner, Dietary Supplements Company
I was impressed by the highly professional and organized way in which they worked and the timeliness of the reply
Paspartoo's work improved the client's online sessions, conversion rate, sales, average order value, and returning customer rate. The team was highly professional and organized. Paspartoo met deadlines and was very helpful in situations of urgency, being responsive via email and virtual meetings.
Elisa / Marketing Manager, Beauty Brand
Their wide range of knowledge and skills made them the right fit for the job
Paspartoo’s efforts resulted in a responsive, modernized, and aesthetically improved website, meeting expectations. Their communicative and transparent approach ensured a smooth collaboration, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the service provider's communication skills and technical expertise.
Louis Brill / Owner, Retail
They are honest and reliable.
The new website has seen a 140% improvement in conversion within its first month. Customers are now more engaged with the website, thanks to Paspartoo's good work. The team manages the engagement well by conducting updated calls every two weeks. Overall, the collaboration has been highly successful.
Scott Jordan / CEO, Co-Founder
They did a great job!
Paspartoo did an excellent job managing the project, dividing it into three phases. Throughout the engagement, Paspartoo's team was very helpful and responsive, which was very important for the project's success. Moreover, their service was outstanding.
Ryan Farris / President, Mattress King
They met timelines and were quick to respond!
To the client's delight, the project was completed on time and on budget. Paspartoo facilitated a seamless process through prompt and clear communication. Overall, customers can expect a highly professional partner who delivers quality work on time.
Josh Meyer / CEO, Brickell Men's Products
All team members were straightforward and easy to work with.
Thanks to Paspartoo's efforts, the website went live with minimal disruption and bugs. As a result, the site's functionality to support sales increased, and the client's online sales increased too. Paspartoo showed excellent project management and was responsive through email and virtual meetings.
Electric Bikes Brisbane / Executive, Retail Company
I was impressed with the level of care they put into the design.
Paspartoo improved the shopability of the website, contributing to an increase in sales. They put a lot of thought and care into their work which impressed the client.
Julien Fernau / Founder, FluidFreeRide
Their expertise in the development sphere and the quality of work that it translated to for us was extremely helpful.
The final product delivered by Paspartoo has completely satisfied their client’s requirements and received positive anecdotal feedback across the board. Their team was communicative, fast-paced, and attentive to detail in all of their work.
CEO / Custom Packaging Company
They really did great and would recommend them with my eyes closed.
Thanks to Paspartoo's efforts, the site is now more modern and appealing. The team communicated regularly through weekly calls for progress updates. They were responsive, reliable, and delivered good quality work.
Jessica Attal / COO, LifeSupplyUSA
They’ve studied our goals and adapted existing technologies to fulfill our needs.
Paspartoo has successfully delivered on time and within specifications, despite unique and complicated requirements. Their responsive, efficient, and accommodating project management has resulted in a smooth workflow. Their flexibility and adaptability accentuate their team’s technical expertise.
E-Commerce Startup / Co-Founder & COO
Paspartoo’s commitment to the task at hand has been tremendous, and we applaud their efforts.
Paspartoo's development team is very thorough and complete. The client has been impressed by their detailed QA and consistent communication. The team's response time is reasonable, and they always complete the deliverables on time. Overall, customers can
PartsVu / Executive
Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization
I recently had the pleasure of working with Paspartoo on enhancing my website, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. Not only did he improve its aesthetics, bringing a fresh and modern look to it with his suggestions, but his attention to detail in the auditing process was commendable. Paspartoo team provided invaluable insights and a comprehensive list of suggestions to boost conversion rates, demonstrating his deep understanding of the digital landscape. What's more, they managed to deliver stellar results within a tight deadline. I am seeing higher conversions within a week of these changes! For anyone operating an e-comm business, looking to elevate your online presence, I wholeheartedly recommend Paspartoo! Their work ethic, expertise, and commitment to excellence are unparalleled."
Suzy Cohen / Founder

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