For over 20 years, they’ve designed great looking clothing with tons of innovative pockets and unique features. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your gadgets and essentials will always be organized and within reach.
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About Project

The client approached us with the task of migrating their existing site from Miva Merchant platform to Shopify, as well as a comprehensive site redesign and implementation of further technical support.


Website redesign included the volume of 50 pages with optimization of the existing content. In addition, all data collected over 20 years by the client had to be transferred to the new store as well.


Our main goal, besides creating a modern and beautiful site, was to increase conversion rates and CWV metrics.

Key Features
  • Custom UX/UI design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Data Migration Collected over 20 Years
  • CWV Optimization
  • PageSpeed Optimization
  • Custom Size Chart
  • Multigallery on PDP
  • Labels for Products
  • Strikethrough Price with Text for Sale
  • Products Announcement Bar
  • AJAX Cart Drawer
  • Dynamic Color Switcher
  • Comments at Checkout
  • How Heard at Checkout
  • Limited Stock at Checkout
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Before we started developing the new UX/UI for the site, we did a thorough analysis of HotJar for the user experience. Google Analytics metrics were also used to test the impact of our changes going forward.


Since the company had been in the market for more than a year, we used the company’s brand book to develop a new UI design for the site so that the new site would be more modern, yet still be recognizable.


Each of the design phases was thoroughly tested by our QA team to ensure there was no possibility of an error on a working store.
We continue to work with clients and at the moment, provide them with comprehensive technical and marketing support.

They are honest and reliable.
The new website has seen a 140% improvement in conversion within its first month. Customers are now more engaged with the website, thanks to Paspartoo's good work. The team manages the engagement well by conducting updated calls every two weeks. Overall, the collaboration has been highly successful.
Scott Jordan / CEO, Co-Founder
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