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In 2014, Brickell Men’s Products was born out of an apartment in Brickell. This company formulated a line of products that are safe, highly effective, and tailored to men’s thicker, tougher, more porous skin.With its background in engineering and manufacturing, they soon went to work setting up a production facility. Brickell has become an international brand trusted by over 1 million men in over 110 countries.
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Old website did not have content management system conected, so main request from client was to have the ability to add and edit products, maintain overall website content without having to turn to the developer. Shopify was chosen as a go-to CMS platform that could fully meet the business needs and requirements and allowed enough customization along with vast product and content management opportunities. Our team started with streamlining of the overall sitemap and UX, following up with creation of the brand UI kit that can be used not only for website design? but also for branding merchandise and delivery vehicles, then proceeded with developing complex custom features to bring a brand new store into life.

Key Features
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brickellman products banner
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All new pages were developed according to the agreed deadlines. Each stage of development was thoroughly tested by our QA team. As a result, the updated version of the site was launched, which was positively evaluated by the company’s clients, which had an immediate effect on sales.


In addition to the basic work on the new updated layouts, we did a lot of work on improving the CWV metrics. After a lot of work in that direction, as well as solving problems with various integrations, which were the reason for low CWV scores, we were able to achieve fairly high results.


One of the company’s marketing offers is that any client is offered one free product only once. We used customer emails to do this. Our team helped to implement this feature and prevent the possibility of cheating from the clients.
We still work with the client’s team and add new features to the website.

They met timelines and were quick to respond!
To the client's delight, the project was completed on time and on budget. Paspartoo facilitated a seamless process through prompt and clear communication. Overall, customers can expect a highly professional partner who delivers quality work on time.
Josh Meyer / CEO, Brickell Men's Products
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