The company specializes in online sales of a wide range of components for marine vehicles. They provide assistance in selecting parts for Yamaha, Suzuki, or Mercury engines. The PartsVu team consists of experienced experts who not only sell products but also help make the right decision and understand the functionality of various devices. Their website lists hundreds of thousands of products, and a parts finder tool helps you find exactly what you need.

About Project

For PartsVu, it was crucial that their customers have a very clear understanding of the status of their orders—whether the order was accepted, processed and shipped, or perhaps delayed. To achieve this, our client used the Shopify app StatusPro. It’s a decent app, generally covering most of the necessary functions, and the client had no intention of discontinuing its use. However, PartsVu wanted to provide even more custom information about each product in a customer’s order. Therefore, the task arose to develop a custom Shopify app that would partially replicate the functionality of StatusPro and enhance it. We needed to develop an app that would work in conjunction with the existing Shopify app and provide comprehensive information to the customer about their order, while also maximizing the automation of these processes.

Key Features
  • Shopify App Development
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Shopify Webhooks
  • Product Metafields


Our Shopify experts developed a custom app that communicates with Shopify via API to fetch information about each placed order. This data is stored in a database on a separate server. The application analyzes the order tags added by the StatusPro app and displays the current status of the order on the left side of the screen.

Based on the current status of the items in the order, the application categorizes the items and displays them on the right side of the screen. This way, customers can easily understand which items from their order have been shipped, which are delayed, and which have been returned.

For order searches, we developed an Order Lookup page where customers can enter their email and order number to find their orders. This functionality enhances user experience by providing detailed and easily accessible order information.

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