BRILL Armory

BRILL Armory is an online retail store of quality Airsoft parts. As a small business based in Southern California, the company gives particular importance to prompt shipping and customer service. The store offers more than 1300 parts, from internal to external ones. Even though there is a wide range of parts, their advantage is presenting approx 60 airsoft brands.

About Project

The main reason why the client approached us was to switch from the ZenCart platform to Shopify. This included migrating all products and setting up automatic collections, migrating user data, and product reviews.

Also, the client’s request was to implement the existing design into the new store on Shopify while making it responsive and adaptive. At the same time, it was not desirable to change the existing concept, as no rebranding was envisioned, only migration from ZenCart to Shopify.

Key Features


The project work was divided into several phases: was preparation of design layouts, migration of product catalog, reviews, and users from the ZenCart platform to Shopify, development of a custom Shopify theme, testing, and seamless launch of the new store under Shopify.


Preparing UI design layouts of the main pages that were enhanced and customized for Shopify, also included the design of additional user-friendly features. The concept of the pre-existing site design was fully retained, including the containerized view of content.
In parallel with the work to agree on layouts for the new page design, a lot of work was done to prepare and migrate products from ZenCart.


During the development phase of the new custom Shopify theme, based on the agreed page designs, all the functionalities were carefully implemented, which will then allow the client to easily manage the display and content on the site as a whole. A minimum of applications required for marketing and smooth commerce were also installed and customized.


The final stage of our work was setting up 301 redirects, which allowed the client not to lose the link mass from the old platform, final testing, and checking all the necessary settings of the store and its launch.


The client was additionally consulted regarding content management on the site. We are proud to continue to support this project in the future.

Their wide range of knowledge and skills made them the right fit for the job
Paspartoo’s efforts resulted in a responsive, modernized, and aesthetically improved website, meeting expectations. Their communicative and transparent approach ensured a smooth collaboration, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the service provider's communication skills and technical expertise.
Louis Brill / Owner, Retail
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