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How Can a Countdown Timer Make a Client Purchase More?

The business owners can set the alarms for customers before special promotions.
  • Let the customers know about futher promotions
  • Demonstrate the promotions
  • Show the exact time when anything get started
  • Set up an custom sale bar for holiday time
Starts from:~3h
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FOMO (fear of missing out) is one of the triggers that humans are wired to respond to. Consider this scenario: you need to buy a bag, but each time you visit the website, you put off purchasing because you need to know if you're ready to pay that much. Then, when you walk into the store one evening, you see a price drop timer counting down to a sale ending in a few hours. You load your cart and check out before the clock strikes zero. You were prodded to buy that item you had been putting off for months by this sales countdown cart timer, and it does the same for every other customer.

What is a countdown timer for Shopify?

The Shopify countdown timer is a classic example of a FOMO marketing strategy that provides a clear visual cue when an event is about to end. Your customers will feel compelled to act quickly and seize whatever you are offering. Best Buy uses a countdown timer to encourage customers to act and not miss out on the fantastic deal.

How to add a countdown timer to Shopify?

There are two ways to add a countdown timer to Shopify: one for those comfortable with code and another for the non-programmers. Let's examine each of them.

Code-enabled countdown clock for Shopify

How to make a timer on Shopify? This method is for merchants who know how to write code. The timer's structure is made with HTML, its styling is done with CSS, and its functionality is achieved with JavaScript. Furthermore, each time you want to modify the date or time, you would need to manually edit the timer code. Launch the Shopify admin. Navigate to the themes online store.
  • To edit, select a theme.
  • Choose “Edit code” by clicking the three dots.
  • You will need to add a new snippet to the Snippets folder.
  • Give your file the name countdown-timer.
  • Paste the code you see below into the previous snippet.
  • After making your edits, save and publish the sales countdown timer.

Shopify countdown timer with one of the necessary apps

The next method for clarifying how to do a Shopify countdown timer is to add an embedded banner. Since all you need to do is add a Shopify app, the features you require to create a sense of urgency and ultimately increase sales are then all accessible to you.
  • Install a countdown timer-equipped app by visiting the Shopify App Store.
  • Set the timer countdown type: behavior, style, and messaging.
  • Add the timer to a particular page (product page or collection).
  • Check its readiness by previewing it.
  • Then click Save.
  One of the simplest ways to increase sales on a product page is to add a countdown timer on sales. This makes buyers feel anxious and compelled to take action by inciting FOMO. A countdown timer is ideal for product launches, pre-orders, flash sales promotions, and holiday sales! When you finally understand how to set a timer and ad same on Shopify, you will see how it helps your store achieve a new level of success in sales.

Are countdown timers still effective in driving up sales?

The timer counts that count down are functional. The audience's marketing plan and product affect performance. Each strategy works for everyone. Since different customer bases respond in other ways, experimentation is essential. It is not new to experience scarcity and urgency. Pure psychological principles form the foundation of marketing and sales. For optimal outcomes, integrate your Shopify countdown timer into a larger strategy and experiment to determine what functions best for your company. Additionally, avoid overdoing countdown timer promotions. Maintain as much clarity and simplicity as you can when it comes to timers. When it comes to how long should Shopify timer be, you should know: the length is determined by the nature of your campaign. Whereas a flash sale should only last a few days, a major product launch may call for a lengthy countdown spanning weeks or months. If your timer is too long, customers may feel that your products are unappealing, which could negatively impact your sales. It is unethical to underestimate your customer base and assume they will not realize your 24-hour offer is only valid for a week. This may also harm your reputation and your long-term relationships with customers. Ensure the decision-maker has enough time to consider things without constantly reminding them that the deal is closing in fifteen minutes.

Where to place countdown timers?

Seeking the ideal location for your countdown timers? They should be evident without interfering with your guest's experience. To get the most out of your countdown bar, consider how to insert a cart timer to Shopify according to the following strategies:
  • Above the fold: place the countdown timer close to the top of your homepage or landing page so that it is one of the first things customers see when they land at your store. The timer warns customers that the offer will expire as seconds pass.
  • On the product page: add a countdown timer to your product page to enhance FOMO and accelerate sales. Customers will find it difficult to resist clicking the buy button when combined with a stock counter.
  • On the checkout page: everybody has experienced that. We fill our shopping cart with merchandise and proceed to take a seat. Roughly 70% of consumers abandon their carts. A countdown timer encourages people still debating buying before it's too late on the checkout page.

Wrap up

Countdown timers have the power to alter the sales landscape completely. It is important to use countdown timers sparingly and strategically, rather than going all out and using them everywhere. This strategy can cause prospective buyers to believe that your products are begging for attention and erode their confidence in your company. The skilled Paspartoo team can empower Shopify businesses. Our goal is to design websites that are profitable and aesthetically pleasing. If you need assistance configuring the Shopify applications to increase sales, contact Paspartoo experts.

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