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The main focus for Suzy Cohen Sore is the sale of authored and patented natural supplements created by a licensed pharmacist with 30 years of experience. In addition to supplements, Suzy Cohen offers its customers creams, author's books, and other health products, generally supporting the concept of health based on natural ingredients
After Our Cooperation

About Project

We were engaged by Suzy to conduct a comprehensive CRO analysis and hypothesis building for her web site of a web project to increase conversions and improve user experience.

During this project, we focused on taking a close look at the site and its performance to identify weaknesses and potential areas for improvement.

In the CRO analysis process, we did:

  • Traffic and user behavior analysis using the Lucky Orange app and analytics data. We started with a thorough analysis of traffic sources, most visited pages, and the paths users took on the site. And from which pages they left the site without making a purchase.
  • User experience (UX) research: We analyzed the design, navigation, loading speed, and overall user experience. This phase allowed us to build assumptions about why users were not taking targeted actions on the site.
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis: We took a detailed look at the conversion funnel, identifying where the most churn was occurring and identifying where improvements were needed.
  • Based on our findings, we developed a series of hypotheses and suggested changes that could increase conversions. These changes included creating ready-made design layouts to reflect the changes for the site’s pages, optimizing content, and improving the checkout process.

Below are just a few of our hypotheses that were made in the process of working on the project.

Key Features
Product Page Gallery
The product photo gallery occupied 50% of the page width, and there was a lot of space around the product photo. At the same time, useful content and descriptions were shifted down and were not visible to potential customers on the first screen. In addition, the main product photo looked unnatural, and additional photos were not aligned and organized. There was insufficient emphasis on labels such as "Vegan" or "30 Days Supply"
Our Solutions For The Gallery
We suggested to reduce the size of the gallery by the width of the page so that it occupies no more than 30-35%. We also suggested changing the main product photo to a more appropriate and attractive one and making the gallery of additional photos more organized and neat. We also emphasized the importance of labels "Vegan", "30 Days Supply" or others.
Title, Reviews, Subscription
No product categories were shown, making it less likely that the customer would browse other products. The reduced price did not stand out much compared to the regular price. Subscription packages looked unattractive and inconspicuous
A clickable product category was added, product name output was reorganized and a short description was added. The reduced price became more visible and subscription packages more understandable. In addition, the main payment methods available in the store were shown
Product Labels
According to the site heatmap almost no one clicked on this gallery. At the same time, it took up a lot of space on the page.
The gallery has been reorganized into a neater output of icons, which now take up less space
Benefits & Ingredients
Since it is extremely important when selling supplements to show their composition and how each ingredient is beneficial, it was important to emphasize and show potential customers this information. Make it more visible
Better Solution
We proposed to visualize the main ingredients of supplements, which will allow to visually show the most important information about the composition of supplements and thus increase the chance of purchase
Frequently Bought Togeather Section Problems
On the website in the "Frequently Purchased Together" section, users are invited to purchase related products and receive a discount at the same time. It is very important to visualize the offered benefit and the size of the discount
Frequently Bought Togeather Section Improvement
We changed the visual presentation for this section, adding the ability to select the number of items added to the cart while emphasizing the benefit that customers receive.


As a result of the CRO analysis, the client received a detailed report indicating the problem areas of the site, our suggestions for improvement, with justification of the proposed solutions. In addition, we added general recommendations to improve conversion on the site (improved navigation, organization of reviews, etc.). For the main pages of the site (product page, collection page, home page) all hypotheses made in the process of CRO analysis were formalized in the form of finished design layouts in Figma, ready for transfer to development.

The client noted an increase in conversions in a short period immediately after some of the hypotheses made in the process of CRO analysis, a decrease in % bounce rate and an increase in profits provided by the optimization of the site.

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization
I recently had the pleasure of working with Paspartoo on enhancing my website, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome. Not only did he improve its aesthetics, bringing a fresh and modern look to it with his suggestions, but his attention to detail in the auditing process was commendable. Paspartoo team provided invaluable insights and a comprehensive list of suggestions to boost conversion rates, demonstrating his deep understanding of the digital landscape. What's more, they managed to deliver stellar results within a tight deadline. I am seeing higher conversions within a week of these changes! For anyone operating an e-comm business, looking to elevate your online presence, I wholeheartedly recommend Paspartoo! Their work ethic, expertise, and commitment to excellence are unparalleled."
Suzy Cohen / Founder

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