If you are determined to create a B2B ecommerce website the challenge you may face is an ecommerce platform selection. Choosing among a large number of options, you should be informed about their pros and cons. The article is intended for people seeking the best wholesale ecommerce platform. You will find information about the necessary features of wholesale platforms. Moreover, we’ll share our list of top 5 platforms as well as their prominent features to help you select the best option for your B2B business.

How to Choose an Ecommerce Platform for B2B

B2B business isn’t discussed much. The reason is it doesn’t interact with consumers in a direct way. Moreover, it isn’t given much importance. But in reality, B2B is a very promising market, which has greatly grown in recent years. For instance, the market value of B2B retail in 2019 was six times more than B2C retail and was evaluated at $12.2 trillion.  Global B2B gross merchandise volume Among the aspects that have an impact on the customer journey are ecommerce platform features. The customers are waiting for the B2B sales platform to become as convenient as a B2C online store. That’s why you need to be so reasonable while selecting it.  To decide which platform will perform best for your business, you should know about the top B2B ecommerce website features. We have prepared the list of top 5 things to pay attention to when trying to find a good wholesale platform.

Top Features of the Wholesale Platform Website

1. Mobile version of B2B ecommerce site

Having a mobile-friendly website is incredibly important. There is no doubt that customers utilize their smartphones more frequently than computers. So, a mobile-friendly website will allow you not to lose customers and let them easily make an order even when they are on the road. The customers’ opportunity to place the orders through different ways such as using a mobile-friendly website or dedicated app will allow you to increase sales. It is necessary to provide a comfortable purchasing experience for the clients even through mobile devices. And how is it possible to make the ordering process easier?

  • Replace long forms with simpler ones,
  • Make the payment process better by integrating on-page checkout.

2. Simple design

This feature means the platform layout needs to be easy to navigate. The main reason is that companies worry about functionality much more than about design so that a great variety of bright elements will only interfere in this case.

3. Varied catalogs

Having a wide range of products, you are more likely to provide the potential clients with what they want. So, varied catalogs allow companies to find definitely the things they are looking for.

4. Possibilities for Content Marketing

Content marketing is considered one of the most powerful instruments which enhances business awareness while engaging clients into the sales funnel.  Content marketing doesn’t only allow the potential clients to find out about your brand, but also promotes it in search engines. The matter is that the keywords help people find you among other businesses online. There are different kinds of visual content that can be used. Among them are infographics, landing pages, videos, and of course blog posts. One more thing that should be also added is social media sharing buttons. Content marketing is widely used in the B2B segment, despite the fact it may seem it is considered only a B2C feature.

5. Customer support services

According to statistics, a five-minute lag while answering the client reduces your chance to sell the product by 400%. Pay attention to the fact that the majority of B2B companies don’t reply to the potential clients’ message within that time.  An important point, which should be considered for selling products in the B2B segment, is that you should contact them within five minutes, by email or phone.  Adding live chat communication to the list of your B2B ecommerce features will allow making the communication process more convenient. Nevertheless, according to a survey, 92% of people think that live chat suits best for connection with companies. The main reason is they can get a response as fast as possible. The next part of the article is reviewing the most well-known ecommerce platforms of the B2B sector.

Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms for Wholesale

 1. Magento

Magento is considered one of the top b2b ecommerce platforms. It provides a variety of functions and customization opportunities for business while ensuring security and robust operation. So what are the advantages of Magento for B2B online sellers?  Magento platform is multifunctional and allows the online stores to reach even complex aims in their business. And one more benefit of Magento is its trial period. It means you have a chance to test the platform before payment. Check out our detailed review of why Magento is the best ecommerce platform.

2. X Cart

It is considered an ideal platform for multi-vendor wholesale. Moreover, X Cart affirms that it is 66% more cost-effective than its competitors. X Cart is convenient and simple to use as it permits connecting your ERP, CRM, and POS without writing any codes. It also offers omnichannel content management and support of multiple languages.

3. Prestashop

It is an open-source platform that became well spread due to its great customization options. Prestashop allows creating an online shop from scratch. The platform is supplied with professionally developed themes that include payment gateways and quick set-up features. Prestashop allows B2B businesses to make ecommerce websites utilizing numerous modules and also personalize the platform for your business needs. As a result, you get a complete functioning B2B website for wholesale business.

4. Amazon Business

It is created exclusively for B2B transactions between wholesalers and retailers. For comparing offers of various vendors, you have to sign up for free and then you can find just what you need. Besides, the platform allows you to create a couple of user accounts and pay for them with different methods. The price of a vendor account is US$39.99/month, but there are additional expenses such as transaction and fulfillment fees.

5. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a powerful platform that allows you to thrive in B2B online retail and save time and finances at the same time. BigCommerce has numerous ecommerce tools fout-of-the-box. Furthermore, the integration with the most wide-spread ecommerce applications lets us consider BigCommerce as the top dropshipping platform.

How to Choose the Ecommerce Platform: summing up

Summing up, we would like to highlight that the right ecommerce platform definitely helps you succeed in your wholesale business. When selecting a platform, consider your business needs as well as the platform’s flexibility and customization features. We hope our review was helpful and you are now able to find the most appropriate solution! If you have any questions left do not hesitate to reach out, we’d be happy to help with your project.