April 18, 2024

Top Shopify AI Tools to Use in 2024

Retailers are continuously searching for new methods to enhance the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition because there are an increasing number of online marketplaces.

AI has the power to fundamentally alter how retailers do business because of its capacity to evaluate vast amounts of data and generate predictions from that data. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing in importance as a tool for ecommerce companies, with applications spanning from inventory prediction to enhancing the shopping experience.

Online retailers can simplify business management and streamline procedures with Shopify AI tools and features. Merchants can expand their businesses with the help of Shopify AI apps, which have made online shopping more efficient.

An analysis by Grand View Research projects that the global artificial intelligence market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030 when it is expected to reach USD 1,811+ billion. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the marketplace has used AI tools for Shopify to improve user experiences.

Giving your e-commerce store an advantage in today’s cutthroat market is easy with the best SEO AI tools, Shopify. Modern AI algorithms combined with machine learning and basic functionality allow AI-based tools to accomplish various tasks.

While some solutions can help you get more leads from your marketing campaigns or reach a larger audience, others can help you quickly create captivating product descriptions.

AI in Online Retail

Ecommerce is just one of the many industries that AI has transformed. Knowing the potential of artificial intelligence and how it can help your business is essential for owners of Shopify stores.

The ecommerce realm has changed and will continue to change in several ways thanks to AI, including:

  • Individualization.
  • Chatbots and virtual helpers.
  • Suggested products.
  • Demand forecasting and inventory control.
  • Price automation.
  • Fraud prevention and identification.


AI for Ecommerce: Shopify Magic

2023 became a turning point for AI. As a result, people’s daily routines and ways of working have already drastically changed. And considering the time and money savings it has generated throughout the business value chain, entrepreneurs have benefited more than anyone else.

The company has responded to this by introducing Shopify Magic, a collection of AI-powered ecommerce tools, replying to your requirement “How about using AI to run my Shopify?“ that will shape the shop user experience in the future.

Several elements of Shopify Magic are listed below:


Chatbots are quickly emerging as a crucial component of Shopify AI integration in businesses. According to Forbes, approximately 73% of companies either use or intend to use AI chatbots. Thus, Shopify Sidekick AI is the focal point of the platform.

Shop owners can now use Sidekick as an e-commerce AI assistant. Through the dashboard, it can be accessed as a chatbot. With it, you can quickly modify your site and gain a deeper understanding of your company without needing to dive into the theme or hire developers.

The Shopify AI assistant can quickly and easily handle any task you need done, including retrieving precise sales data, implementing product discounts, writing fresh content for your website, or even revamping your store’s entire design aesthetic.

Shopify Email

It has powerful features that go beyond email writing automation. Using pre-built, editable templates, you can create branded emails that will make a lasting impression.

Additionally, Shopify allows you to fully automate workflows like welcome and upsell emails and manage and evaluate campaigns. By centralizing site owners’ business operations, Shopify Email leverages artificial intelligence to streamline your ecommerce experience beyond the leading site.

Blog Generator

Indeed, Shopify has also embraced long-form content. However, this product isn’t necessarily meant to be copied. Instead, you can create on-brand content by drawing inspiration from your store’s past with Shopify Magic.

With an understanding of e-commerce requirements, the AI can create compelling copy to increase your store’s traffic and convert prospects. Shopify AI description generator also provides headers on the website, as well as blogs, articles, and promotional copy.

Chat responses and FAQs generated by AI

Shopify can provide tailored, instant responses to your client’s most frequently asked questions. The ecommerce AI uses AI-generated responses to enable you to instantly respond to live chat inquiries, lowering operating costs and increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Shopify Magic automatically creates FAQ recommendations for your company based on previous customer conversations.

Review summaries driven by AI

Is your goal to spare your customers the headache of reading through an extensive collection of product reviews? Shopify also offers a feature for that. The ecommerce AI can rapidly summarize buyer reviews and place them at the top of the review section in a clear and concise format. Quickly reviewing this will help your customers save time and increase conversions by giving them a sense of buyer experience.


Top AI Shopify Apps

These are some of the most well-liked apps on the Shopify app marketplace. Still, the best AI tools for your Shopify store will depend on your unique requirements, financial situation, and level of technological expertise.

Octane AI

It provides businesses with the resources they require to dynamically engage clients with tailored product quizzes. Consumers can select the best products by providing basic information about their needs and preferences and then receiving automated recommendations based on their responses.

Octane AI provides you with an account manager to assist you in creating and launching your quiz. Product quizzes can be made with conditional logic, collections, tags, and artificial intelligence. Additionally, there are ways to customize using CSS entirely.

Wiser Product Recommendations

Using an intuitive engine to gather customer data and inform their purchasing decisions, Wiser is another Shopify AI tool for boosting sales through personalized recommendations. This Shopify AI assistant can present related products, frequently purchased items together, post-purchase upsells, and more.

In addition to automatically converting currencies, the system can also translate the languages used in product descriptions. Furthermore, support for A/B testing is provided.

OnModel – AI Models Photos

With model photos identical to those of countless other businesses, OnModel is an excellent AI in Shopify resource if you’re having trouble differentiating your website. The easy fix allows you to quickly replace the models in your current product photos with different people, helping to set your brand apart.

Models can be matched to your intended audience, and you can reduce the amount of stock photos from generic suppliers. Thousands of images can be batch-processed in real-time, backgrounds can be changed with a single click, and faces for cropped headless images can be automatically generated.

GoWise: AI Product Description

Easily create and optimize product descriptions for each item you sell with GoWise, one of the top Shopify generative AI tools powered by ChatGPT. You can automatically create meta tags and update your Shopify AI product description for search engine optimization. Additionally, many templates are available for novices that include options for body text, taglines, and important features.

GoWise can generate content in various languages and tones and has a feature for bulk production that allows it to write multiple descriptions in a matter of seconds. For store owners, live chat support is also available.

AI Pro: AI Blog /SEO Optimizer

The straightforward but powerful Smartli tool from Innovation Labs streamlines and expedites the process of creating content for your store. In seconds, generative AI can produce blogs and product descriptions that are optimized for search engines.

With a few clicks, the AI system can create blog posts, improve your emails, and even generate keywords for you. Plus, all plans include VIP support for business owners and helpful templates.


Why Use Shopify’s AI Tools?

Packed with marketing tools and resources to make your business stand out, Shopify is one of the best ecommerce marketplaces for small businesses. To fully realize its potential, you might consider investing in some new AI apps.

Various laborious jobs, including writing copy for product pages and developing AI marketing Shopify campaigns, can be automated using Shopify AI tools. Among the principal advantages are:

  • Sales growth: AI solutions can boost your chances of conversions and recurring business by personalizing web pages, making product recommendations, and using customer data.
  • Streamlined operations: AI can help you save time on various tasks, including monitoring inventory levels, developing product descriptions, and interacting with customers.
  • Automation: You can reduce the number of tasks you need to perform to run your store efficiently by using Shopify AI customer service tools that have automation builder capabilities.

Shopify AI Tool Selection Criteria to Take Into Account

  • Ability to scale

Your online store is likely to expand soon. Therefore, it is crucial to select AI tools that grow with your company. Ensure that the tools chosen can manage growing operations and data volumes without sacrificing efficiency.

  • Degree of Assistance

Your experience may differ depending on the support provided by the AI tool’s provider. Choosing tools that provide nearly round-the-clock customer support, rapid response times, and access to knowledgeable support staff is imperative. This will allow you to swiftly and conveniently get the help you require.

  • Price

Consider the entire cost of purchasing, setting up, and maintaining the AI tool. Even though spending money on AI can have a significant impact, it’s essential to consider the possible return on investment (ROI) carefully.


Wrapping Up

These AI-generated apps have one final promise: after you’ve streamlined some processes, you’ll have more time to concentrate on the areas of your business that require your time and effort.

In addition to helping you reach a far broader audience in less time and with less effort, the possibilities for new business concepts, accessible purchasing experiences, and automated tasks also have the potential to increase your sales significantly.
Whether you’re a startup company or an established brand, generative AI apps are worth investigating further.

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