Shopify Design and Development prices

Tackle development and design projects of all sizes. No subscriptions. 50 % typical agency costs.

Pay Per Project

Best for brands with occasional needs for reliable Shopify design or dev help. Great rates and fast turnaround times.


  • Pay as you go
  • Development and design work
  • Fast turnaround
  • Dedicated experts
  • Get quotes as needed
  • Express tumaround $125/hour

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10 Hour Pack

Best for brands with their own designer, and a consistent need for on-demand Shopify dev help.


  • 10-hour credit balance
  • Development work only
  • Fast turnaround
  • Dedicated experts
  • Replenish as needed
  • Supports a single store

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25 Hour Pack

best value
Best for brands, freelancers or agencies with consistent needs for on-demand Shopify design and dev help.


  • 25-hour credit balance
  • Development and design work
  • Fast turnaround
  • Dedicated experts
  • Replenish as needed
  • Supports multiple stores

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Paspartoo Plus

For larger support packs or a more tailored approach, we offer managed design and dev ops services for growing brands and white label services to agencies.
  • For 40+ hour/month needs
  • Complex development
  • Full site redesigns
  • Multiple projects at a time
  • Priority support

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Frequently asked questions

What types of projects do you do for clients?
We are Shopify design and development experts. Our professional team takes care of the following functions:
 – customize the store and theme functions
 – theme sections and pages
 – make page corrections and layout changes if necessary
 – perform complex implementations
 – customize and migrate the store
 – update themes
 – make banners and advertising creatives
 – work on the custom page and section layouts
 – performs an in-depth audit of UI/UX.
And it is not a complete list of what we offer our customers. Check out our Project Types section for inspiration.
What is the difference between “quick” and “express” turnaround?
With our standard “quick turnaround,” we are ready to complete a 5-hour project within five business days, counting from confirmation of payment for your project. Unlike us, freelancers and agencies usually cannot boast of such deadlines.
Our “express turnaround” is roughly equivalent to doubling the shipping time. For example, we will complete a 5-hour project within 2-3 working days, depending on our scope of work. We can get quite busy at times. However, if you switch to “express processing,” your project will always have the highest priority.
I have a lot of projects. How does your project management work?
We will help you with the management of all projects. We will assign a professional project manager to your account as the primary contact person, who will coordinate team members to carry out work. This person will report progress to you according to a schedule that you agree on, receive your feedback, and develop your project based on your wishes. Your project manager can also make strategic suggestions based on your business goals. Our goal is to take responsibility for your project and make it as successful as possible. You have nothing to worry about. It is our task now.
Do you offer larger support packs?
Yes. We offer great savings for businesses needing larger support packs. Contact us for prices.
Will I always work with the same project manager and with the same experts?
Yes, we prefer this option. You will communicate primarily with your project manager. In addition, we will assign a specific small group of experts to your projects, whom you will also be able to contact. Experts may come and go depending on the needs of the project and their experience. But the core group associated with your brand remains largely the same. In our experience, this approach facilitates our joint work and brings success to the project.

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White Label Services – let’s succeed together!
50 % typical agency costs.
Grow your customer base, take on great challenges, generate revenue, and grow your brand.

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