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eCommerce Development

Diagnosis of website problems

We have the process of analyzing Magento websites efficiently to identify limitations and working capacity issues. Every new project that comes to us goes through this procedure. Analyzing the store situation consists of:

  • Structure and quality of the code
  • Security Vulnerability Checker
  • Website Speed
  • Conflicts in integrations.

Purpose of solving problems

As a part of the verification process we state short-term and long-term priorities for code correcting, security vulnerabilities, improving website effiency and overall health. Typically, short-term goals are performed via scrum, long-term goals are maintained by technical support via a package subscription.

Mission of work

Magento is the best platform for creating medium-to-large size e-commerce businesses. With the help of Magento we create not just stores, but solutions that connect products with customers, allowing the brand be more accessible in the digital space. Behind this abstract goal there is a lot of system processes, which we adjust with the client in every project. Our mission is to remove all obstacles facing the brand to connect with customers.

The process of our work

We provide full range of eCommerce services, including CX Analytics, UX / UI development of user-friendly interfaces, Majento development and integration into the existing business. We also provide project support after launch to ensure optimization of its efficiency, conversion and sales.

Upgrade from M1 to M2

Magento 1 reaches its end-of-life on November 18, 2018. It means that Magento company stops supporting Magento 1. You may face difficulties and we will be ready to support you with switching to Magento 2, with all your business processes.

Migration from other platforms

Migration involves the creation of a new website, configuration of all existing website extensions and transfer of database of products, orders and customers. It is more important than ever to interpret the existing logic of processes on the new Magento 2 architecture. We have huge experience in this and ready to advise you on your migration issue.

Management Standarts

Our team collaborates with the client to manage the planning, development, deployment and continuous improvement of e-commerce projects. The client always has access to up-to-date top-level progress reports and lower level tasks within the sprints.
We work with light methodologies as well as with heavy PMI, if it is required by the project.

Coding Standards

Our team adheres to the best coding standards to ensure that your website will be fully functional, stable and easily updated. All integrations, customizations and extensions are considered as digital extensions and remain separate for the basic architecture of the website. This policy guarantees the absence of vulnerabilities for the main Magento code and gives the foundation for the stable development of the project for many years.

Workflow Standarts

In small projects we work in short two-week development cycles (sprints). This allows to develop projects quickly in small iterations. Each iteration involves updating the release version and preparing functional and financial reporting for the passed stage.

Quality Standarts

We check through the entire development process to ensure the quality of the code and its efficiency. It is confirmed by the process of receiving the iteration from the client side (UAT Sessions), where each version of the release is checked before it is deployed into a production environment.

3rd Party Integrations

We can integrate hundreds of services into your project and automate their work with your business.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Payment Gateways


Customer Relationship Management

PIM (Product Info Management)

OMS (Order Management System)

Our Workflow

For small and medium-sized projects with a fixed price for development.

Signing the contract

After the top level evaluation of project budget taking into account primary requirements we sign the main contract. It implies an advance payment of 20% of the lower cost of the project budget.

Analitics / CX

At this stage the audience is analyzed, its motivation and behavior, the values and features of the product, competitors' market and much more. This forms a list of requirements for the next stage.


Based on the list of requirements for the UX project, a specialist builds and tests the interface framework. It is tested by the client and the development team. Only after its approval, we will create a UI graphic design for it.

Sprint 1

The project is developed by two-week sprints. Each sprint generates a new version release and a demo-session for the client.

Sprint 2

The number of sprints can be large, and they can be covered by a heavy PMI development methodology.

Sprints 3,4

The number of sprints can be large, and they can be covered by a heavy PMI development methodology.


Each project goes through a stage of finalizing the functional, testing of all systems and implementing new project requirements.

Import / Content

We create and import content. If this is a store migration, then we transfer products, orders and clients. At this stage, we set up the store settings.

Project Launch

Running a project on a rehearsed script usually takes up to 6 hours. When using the delta technology, the re-engraving can be instantaneous.

Technology Solution

We work with top level technology providers

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