Social Media Marketing

Engage users and expand your audience with a strategy of engaging in social networks.

Involve customers in meaningful conversations

Businesses can not afford to be arrogant. In the era of social networks, companies should be open to discussions with their customers. It is important to find out what they like, what they hate and what fresh ideas they can have.

Instant Customer Service

Social media allows companies to quickly resolve customer service issues. This can be done directly, offering clients clear communication channels for registering complaints, problems and suggestions. It can also be done proactively by monitoring what people say about your brand on the Internet.

Involve visitors by providing them with Content

An excellent way to attract the public to their direct contribution Content through social media platforms. When done correctly, this tactic can help attract customers and potential customers and help create new sales and greater brand awareness.

We Offer Exclusive Offers & Discounts

People are always looking for the best deals on the Internet. Social media gives companies the opportunity to provide exclusive promotions to their most loyal customers. Not only will you reach an engaging audience with every proposal, you can also measure the success of a campaign by having an analytics of tracking social media on the spot.

Put a human face in a big company

Huge firms can appear monolithic and impersonal for the established public. Putting a human face on the company, you can destroy the barrier between your self and your target market and make yourself a lot extra handy to the common public.

Social Media Services

Which instantly bring results to your business

Facebook Ads

We create and manage successful social media campaigns via Facebook & Instagram. It's very fast and flexibly. We could guaranty first result just in 48h. We manage social media networks on behalf of our clients, helping their business grow and achieve goals.

AI Chat Bots

Chatbot is a fully integrated solution for companies which want to support customers 24/7. Leave the most repetitive tasks to the bots and allow the agents to focus on the important-admiration of the customers.

Social Groups

With social groups, you have the opportunity to gather a certain group of people in one place. They will follow the activities of the group. They will discuss and comment. You’ll see most actions you want to get through your social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Process

Our SMM process guarantees that your business will receive a marketing presence in social networks, specially adapted for the purposes of your business.

Project Brief

Define customer information and business objectives, as well as all the necessary information to create the appropriate documentation for all marketing efforts in social networks.

Audience Research

Identify competitors on all social networking platforms, identify the networks in which they are active, based on industry keyword research and interviews with customers.

Social Audit

Creation of basic indicators for current social efficiency on the basis of analytical data and monitoring of social networks.

Audience Research

As part of the verification process, we define short-term and long-term priorities for correcting the code, vulnerability of security, improving the site's effectiveness and overall health. Typically, short-term goals are met through scram, long-term goals are adjusted by technical support through a batch subscription.

Profile Strategy

Documenting the action plan and social networking strategies to develop or optimize interaction profiles.

Engagement Strategy

Creating rules for interaction with users in the social community of the client and beyond. Development of a plan to attract influential persons to use their networks for the dissemination of Content.

Measurement Planning

Create measurable short-term and long-term goals when marketing in social networks and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Content Strategy

Create a content calendar that will highlight the content that will be used for each campaign in social networks, and is consistent with the corporate identity of the company.

Advertising Strategy

Develop an advertising plan and budget for the relevant networks. Be sure to determine the object of each part of the plan, be it community growth, community involvement, creation of leads, conversion or something else.

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Chat Bot Setup

The tactics of managing social networks will follow the strategy of interaction and will allow interacting and interacting with users and influential persons.

Advertising Implementation

Implement advertising campaigns that correspond to the strategy of social networks and promote brand recognition. If necessary, adjust the strategy in accordance with the client's budget.

Community Management

The tactics of managing social networks will follow the strategy of interaction and will allow interacting and interacting with users and influential persons.

Monthly Performance Report

Documenting the current state of goals, campaign indicators, completed tasks and the plan for the next month from the point of view of managing social networks.

Quarterly Review

Comprehensive review of campaigns in social networks and adjustments to the project plan based on the results found on each social networking platform.

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