Client: Evestar
Year: 2021
Evestar logo


Evestar is a top eCommerce agency. The business owner contacted Paspartoo about the full development and design of the website. The client’s website was outdated and had a very low conversion rate. The client did not have the opportunity to create its own corporate identity and the main goal was to make an effective marketing website.

Project Summary

  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Website Development
  • Brand Corporate Style Development
  • Brand Book Creation
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Paspartoo’s team had to create brand visualization from scratch. It included logo, colors, fonts, website, business cards, advertising banners, etc. Given the high workload of all company employees, we needed to ask fewer questions and hit the target right away.

As a result, we created the client’s brand corporate style and brand book. Moreover, website design was provided from scratch. We hardly asked a question and guessed right on the first try, the client was very pleased. Our team created and visualize the company’s brand, convey all its values.

Besides, we provided full frontend and backend development of the website for the client’s company. The website was developed according to the latest tendencies of modern development.

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