For over 10 years, Reina Olga has been crafted inside Milan's most prestigious, woman-owned swimwear and lingerie atelier. Guia is endlessly inspired by the atelier’s incredible team of women because they do their jobs with passion, skill, and attention to detail. Today this relationship has grown to feel like family, united by a shared love for originality and a commitment to quality, fit, and craftsmanship.

About Project

We are proud to get this project because it was expected to use so many unique features and it was challenging to implement all the requirements we got. Additionally, to the mentioned things, the important and difficult part was to create a new theme with a different structure according to the desired site reference. The main goal the client reached out to us was to get a similar site but make it fresh and contemporary.
Our big challenge was to rebuild the big part of the backend logic to match the new product cards’ logic and layout. It seemed not to be difficult, but there were a lot of details. For example, each product color is a unique product in the admin area(it was done for marketing needs), and we combined products into one front-end product and added the quick buy feature with the ability to preview color options.


So, we had three themes: the basic, the current, and the desired. The basic theme is the basic and we used it to program the theme that the client expected to get in the result. The current theme is the theme the client has used with many features and integrations that had to be saved. The desired theme is the theme that has many other features and absolutely a different layout(full width vs container). When we created the design and explored all three themes, it was clear how to combine/build it. The interesting moment was that we managed to program the theme even faster than was planned. We programmed the theme to be fully customized and translatable via the editor. We should mention that it wasn’t only about programming the main pages, we designed and developed many pages: some were adapted and migrated, but some were programmed from scratch.

In conclusion, the client got a fresh and modern design; a completely new theme with many unique features and social media integrations on the website; and a new close cooperation with the strong team.

They fulfilled our every single request with an incredible result
Paspartoo delivered the project ahead of schedule while attending to all of the client's requirements. Paspartoo ensured constant availability and demonstrated remarkable professionalism throughout the engagement. Their client-centric approach was second to none.
Michele Teodori / E-commerce Manager, Reina Olga
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