Bible Candles

Bible Candles are premium, hand-poured candles that feature 15 hidden bible verses related to a unique spiritual theme beneath the wax inside the jar. With each 3-4 hour burn, a new bible verse is revealed as the wax burns, helping you grow a deeper connection with God.

About Project

Our client decided to start a beautiful and warm business – to sell candles that bring a little light into everyday life and bring joy to their owners.
The main wish and request from the client was that the future website should be responsive, modern, and in line with the advanced UI/UX principles of e-commerce, as well as meet the agreed deadlines of the project.


After thoroughly analyzing competitors and references, our design team created a gentle, calm design in pastel colors without complex structural solutions to convey a light and homely atmosphere.

Once all the design mockups were agreed upon, a team of experienced Shopify developers brought everything to life.
The new website was safely launched after the QA testing phase, advising the client on the basic Shopify settings.

At the final stage of work, the client was provided with a detailed guide on working with custom product page settings, product meta fields, and other Shopify settings.

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