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We will study the web page for which you are requesting a redesign, make a list of possible improvements, and create a layout that will show exactly how the page will look after development.

The duration of the project will depend on the number of pages requiring a redesign, the amount of content on each page, and the number of improvements and functional implementations needed.


We will provide you with the web page layout(s) that will give you an idea of what your site will look like after the design phase is completed as a jpg or link to view through Figma. This way, you’ll avoid unpleasant surprises and can confidently proceed with any changes that will help you take your store to the next level.

Please note that the layout does not include work on HTML and CSS, the implementation must be done separately by our development team.

Pages Design

Design Web Page Mockups

Project quotes start at $85/hour

Turnaround time for this project is usually 1-3 days after project payment is made.
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