Global sales are constantly growing from year to year, and most buyers make purchases without leaving their homes. There is a logical explanation for this: it is convenient, it is fast, it saves time. Accordingly, in our time eCommerce development is gaining momentum. Statistics show that most customers come from the Internet, rather than from physical stores. Therefore, modern entrepreneurs are actively developing business on the Internet, thereby increasing profits. Our web development agency Miami has prepared a useful article about currently popular content management system Magento.

Before creating an online commerce site, business owners face a huge number of different platforms. But how to choose the best, if they all have similar functions and have their own advantages and disadvantages? Don’t panic, gentlemen. Today we’ll tell you what it is, an ideal platform for online stores.

Any modern website is not just a set of HTML pages. The site operates on a specific platform, which is a whole system of software scripts for dynamic content output. The success of your project largely depends on how wide the “engine” capabilities will be. Now let’s take a look at the well-known platform Magento, which confidently gains recognition of a huge number of entrepreneurs for more than 10 years.

Magento development is based on reliability, flexibility, and perspectivity. That is why most customers prefer this CMS. It is a universal open source system, ideal for projects of any level. Let’s see what its main advantages are:

1. Wide integration possibilities
Magento interacts well with other e-commerce services. This allows providing various convenient methods of payment and delivery to customers.

2. Flexible product catalog
The platform is great for online stores with any kind of assortment. The system lets you manage different types of products: simple, customizable, grouped, and others.

3. Convenient search and navigation tools
Availability of tools will help the buyer to quickly find the necessary products.

4. Powerful SEO tools
The system is set up for search engine ranking and better website indexing.

5. Flexibility and performance
Sites on the Magento platform are fast and has a high conversion. And projects sustain the load during a large number of orders and visits during promotions and sales.

6. The convenient order processing system
The customer can control the processing of his order, make changes and execute returns.

7. Simplicity in management and setup
Due to the user-friendly interface of the administrator’s part, the user can easily perform basic actions and modify them to fit his needs.

8. Stable and reliable structure
Magento is quality designed, therefore it guarantees uninterrupted operation of the site.

Entrust your business to professionals and enjoy a positive result!

In order to properly configure the store, and ensure its uninterrupted operation, you need Magento Certified Developers like Paspartoo — our specialists will help to improve your business in the best way. ECommerce development Miami — is a whole range of services that you can order in our company. If you are ready to bring your project to life, we are ready to advise you right now!