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The client has come with an existing Shopify store. It was built several years ago and did not correspond to modern e-commerce standards. There was not user-friendly interface, low page loading speed, some of the pages were broken. The main issue was that product pages were rendering using old-fashioned, slow and non-stable code. This code could be broken at any time and the sales would stop as a result.

The goal of our partnership with a client was to create a new fast, convenient, fancy website that will be fully customizable from the Shopify Admin panel. Also, it was highly important for the client not to add all the categories and products again manually. So first of all our dev team reviewed the existing functionalities and features, decided how they would be developed and composed the key rules that have to be included during design creation.

The client had a requirement to have a product page with the products selection. That’s because there were collections that contain a stack with the specific products. This did not agree with native Shopify functionality. So the decision was made to extend the product page using JavaScript. It allowed us to implement all client’s wishes. At the same time, it was required to have a product page for the single products to promote these pages on social media. Considering all this we developed the Shopify collection page so it looks like a product page. The Shopify product page is being used for the single products. In the same time collection page is a CMS page that is fully customizable for the Shopify admins.

Project Summary

  • Business analysis
  • Custom UX/UI design
  • Data restructuring
  • Database migration
  • Custom and extended product page
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Store Locator
  • Terminology page
  • Klaviyo email platform integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Product reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Custom email templates
  • Application submitting functionality
  • Blog
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