Client: AXYZ
Year: 2021
Category: Magento


Clients are novice designers and artists, creators of homemade cosmetics. The business owners contacted Paspartoo to develop a brand-new website on Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. The main goal was to help low-profile brands in the sales of their products and make them more popular. The essence of the project was that certain curators could place on the site the goods of those manufacturers that they wanted.

Project Summary

  • UI Guide Creation
  • Custom Product Card Development
  • Mini-shop Creation Functionality
  • Feature of Displaying Manufacturer Information
  • Customization of Manufacturers Separate Account
  • Development of Commission Payment Module
  • Mega-menu
  • WeSupply
  • Stripe
  • Avalara AvaTax
  • Social Login
  • CCPA
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In order to manage various mini-shops, their orders, and shipments, the client needed to use the VNECOMS Multi-vendor extension. We needed to figure out how the client could quickly create mini-shops for the curator, connect manufacturers with these mini-shops, connect it all with the VNECOMS extension, and install a lot of additional plugins, metrics, integrations. It was necessary to create a module that could calculate a predetermined commission to the manufacturer from each item sold automatically.

Paspartoo’s team developed the following solutions:

UI Guide for developers was created to make it easier to develop a website from the client’s proposed design prototype

The functionality of creating mini-shops was developed with the ability to assign products and their manufacturers immediately, post all information about the curator, delivery, returns, etc.

Feature of displaying information about each manufacturer in the product card was developed

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