May 31, 2024

Learn How Cross-Selling Techniques Can Help Shopify Store to Succeed

Making steady revenue and profit increases is one of your top priorities if you run your own Shopify store or any other kind of e-commerce store, for that matter. To increase average order value, customer lifetime value, and profits, business leaders who use Shopify find that cross-selling and upselling are highly effective strategies.

When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they may be interested in buying additional items. This process is made simple and easy with the shopify cross sell app, empowering you to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and increase your revenue.
These applications can increase the money you get from your clients by recommending related products, offering tailored recommendations, or streamlining the procedure.

When used correctly, it can increase customer loyalty by guaranteeing that you offer them the best deal possible to meet their requirements. The potential to make a huge profit in the e-commerce industry is growing as the demand for online shopping rises. It is expected to reach a valuation of approximately $8 trillion by 2027.

But there’s also more competition than ever before for your intended audience. To guarantee the success of your Shopify store, you must figure out how to maximize each conversion. This is the point at which upselling and cross-selling become relevant. By employing these tactics, you can leverage your client’s pre-existing intent to purchase to boost prospective income.

What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling promotes products related to the one a customer has selected. For example, if you sell an iPhone, you can include a protective case or AirPods as an extra. In this scenario, the initial product remains in the cart, and additional products are added if the customer finds your offer appealing.

Shopify cross-sell is interesting. You urge clients to make additional complementary purchases rather than persuade them to purchase the better version of your product. For the computer store, this might entail advising customers to purchase a hard drive or keyboard in addition to their new system.

The advantage is that you’ve already persuaded your client to buy something to reiterate. Let him know that there might be pertinent additional items he still requires.

Similar to how upselling can raise average order values, cross-selling is a way to improve the customer experience by ensuring they have everything they need to get the most out of their purchase. To guarantee that customers receive the best value for their money, you can even offer exclusive reductions on bundles or extensions.

What is a Shopify cross-sell app?

A cross-sell application is an add-on that persuades your customer to increase his order value. The availability of numerous cross-sell apps for installation is one of the many benefits of owning a Shopify store. With a Shopify cross-sell app, the following are the main advantages:
By putting them in a third-party app, you can spend less time creating, updating, and rotating cross-sell offers and concentrate on other aspects of your Shopify store.


Customers can effortlessly add products to their stock set using a cross-sell app with a few clicks, streamlining the process.
Cross-selling apps can increase sales by carefully placing offers that improve the customer journey, such as add-ons or product upgrades, in frequently purchased sections.

Paspartoo team is the most knowledgeable about technology and e-commerce. As part of our process, we examine the company closely and analyze every aspect that affects sales.

Best Shopify cross-sell apps


With customized campaigns that increase your conversion rate, Adoric Product Recommendation helps you sell more products. It can be achieved by letting you suggest frequently viewed products or often purchased items together and by cross-selling.

These suggestions can be enabled in real time on various pages of your Shopify website. Adoric can also monitor sales impressions, clicks, and CTRs on your campaigns. Additionally, you can monitor the decline in bounce rates brought on by your active campaigns.

A variety of Product Recommendation campaigns are available to you, such as:

  • Bestsellers on your home page (which displays your best-selling items on your home page).
  • The homepage was most recently viewed (letting buyers see what other users look at).
  • They are purchased in addition to products (using this campaign, your customers can view products commonly bought in addition to the products they have selected).
  • Bestsellers in collections (best-selling sets of goods).

Adoric provides services to companies in various sectors, such as home appliances, sportswear, fashion, food, and healthcare.


The typical customer views a product on Shopify for less than 50 seconds before making a purchase. Through unique cross-selling techniques that combine multiple products across different pages, Rebolt expedites the Shopify shopping experience. This implies that you can display discounts and build an infinite number of bundles without compromising the browsing experience.

Your store’s expected average order value rises as a result of increased sales. This means that your customers will not miss out on any sales discounts coupons or other benefits from your store that encourage purchases, which will result in them making fewer purchases while you make more money.


One rather unusual e-commerce conversion best cross-sell app Shopify is Pickystory. Auto-sync inventory discount rules and product deals are just a few of its many useful features. Product deals enable you to show related products all on one page, relieving your customers’ tension and providing them with a positive shopping experience. To entice your customers, Pickystory allows you to create multiple product discounts.


With the Shopify app Wiser, you can customize product recommendations to appear everywhere on your website, including popups, product pages, cart pages, and the home page. You can use the app’s multiple widgets to display recommendations for related and comparable products best-selling products hot-selling and trending products recently viewed products new arrivals highlighted products and more.

These widgets can be used to help cross-sell products. The app’s dynamic learning of the visitors’ on-site behavior results in reduced bounce rates and higher on-site conversion rates, as it always presents the appropriate recommendations. It also includes an A/B testing tool to test different conversion tactics and an in-app dashboard to track widget performance.


UpCart utilizes cross-sells and add-ons to increase average order value. It enables you to design a personalized slide cart. The UpCart app creates a fine customer cart experience. It displays deals with cross-selling blocks for carts.

Additionally, the app utilizes promotion bars to offer cross-selling opportunities and free shipping. UpCart makes supplementary options for shipping insurance or additional products. It uses cart announcements to disseminate brand updates.


With its cross-selling app, AfterSell allows customers to make recurring purchases by generating personalized post-purchase offers that they can’t refuse. You can also increase customer satisfaction by including FAQs, on-page reviews, and other features on a customizable thank-you page.

AfterSell constructs one-click cross-selling offers for single—and multi-product post-purchases. It also recommends upselling and cross-selling to maximize your thank-you page.

How can cross-sell apps help you get started in the business?

Now is the time to apply your newly acquired understanding of cross-sell applications. If you’re just starting with plugins and apps for your online store, you can use the steps below.

  1. Choose a cross-selling app from the selection by visiting the Shopify app store.
  2. Select which products to cross-sell after installing the app.
  3. Upon completing all cross-sell proposals, we advise executing an A test to determine which works best.
  4. Once a few weeks have passed, gauge the success of your conversations, adjust your offers, and try again.

In addition, the devoted assistant, Paspartoo, pushes the boundaries of e-commerce and concentrates on Shopify development, assisting small and medium-sized businesses in developing their brands.

In addition, Paspartoo’s dedicated assistant can assist you in installing and customizing any of the listed cross-selling apps and help you push the boundaries of eCommerce by focusing on Shopify development, helping SMBs grow their brands.

What separates pre-purchase from post-purchase cross-sells?

Two methods show how to cross-sell on Shopify to customers: before and after they make a purchase. These two tactics yield comparable outcomes and can both aid in product cross-selling. The only distinction is where these marketing elements are employed during the buyer’s journey.

Pre-purchase cross-selling

This tactic aims to raise the average order value before a customer purchases your business. Pre-purchase offers have a greater effect on some customers.

By offering cross-selling at a discount, you can strengthen your relationship with devoted customers and get more products into their shopping carts. E-commerce stores offer many opportunities for cross-selling.

To improve conversions on product pages and entice new customers to buy your products, make sure your products are presented clearly with pertinent messaging.

You can also use banners, popups, and notifications to persuade customers to add more items to their carts. Promoting related products that are regularly purchased is a great way to use the cross-sell options in the shopping cart.

Post-purchase cross-selling

The moment a customer’s order is completed, this cross-selling technique is put into action. Utilizing the customer data already obtained post-purchase, cross-selling presents extra offers. Customer data, such as purchase history, is used to generate personalized product recommendations and ensure that customers receive customized offerings.

Types of cross-sell offers

Complementary goods. Knowing the context in which products are used is crucial, as is making offers that will benefit the customer. Provide products frequently used in tandem, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, batteries, and analog devices.
Premium offerings. A never-ending list of benefits includes gift wrapping, extended warranties, and first-line order processing. Dozens of templates are available in cross-selling apps that allow you to personalize and customize various offers and extend the deadlines for gift returns.

Extra functionalities. For an extra charge, you can allow customers to add a name or logo, alter the standard size, or add other personalizations to your products if you specialize in creating custom goods like wood furniture or furnishings.

Free trials. Offering free cross-selling samples has advantages. Customers can use it to find out more about your offerings and develop an interest in things they don’t currently own.

Contributions and gratuities. If your company is involved with any charitable causes or organizations, you can ask customers to donate and make other cross-selling offers. This can give you a competitive edge among customers who hold similar values and raise the degree of trust that is placed in your store.

Lastly, you may also request gratuities from clients. This is suitable for bespoke, handcrafted goods and services with an individual touch. Tipping can be integrated directly into the Shopify checkout process.

Cross-selling and upselling strategies

To avoid misunderstandings about “How to install upsell and cross-sell in Shopify,” below are a couple of strategies that will clarify the moments to boost your sales and make your business a true success.

1. Suggest inexpensive substitutions.

When you see a popup advertisement for a product that costs $150 instead of $50 when you visit an online store as a customer, your first thought probably goes something like this: “Oh no, this is way above my budget. I certainly can’t afford this right now.”

For this reason, you must ensure that the product you wish to cross-sell is reasonably priced. Your AOV will rise quickly if you do this. Present a more reasonably priced product to your customer, rather than one that is significantly above their initial product of interest.
Remember that it is valuable in addition to being reasonably priced. For what reason should they buy it if they don’t need it?

2. Suggest a vital substance.

Offering a jogging tracksuit as an add-on might be unnecessary if a customer puts swimwear in their cart on your Shopify store. An improved swimming trunk, differently with better features, could be an alternative. In this manner, you could have introduced upselling and raised your earnings.

Here’s another instance: let’s sell primarily pet care items in your Shopify store. In this situation, it would be wise to suggest a recently enhanced dog shampoo to a customer to a customer rather than an outdated but less expensive one.

3. Give a reward.

Offering incentives to customers is an excellent method of convincing them to purchase more products from your Shopify store. If you have the creative juices, this is a very successful Shopify upselling strategy. Offers such as buy two, get one free, or free shipping can significantly increase sales.

4. Give rebates.

If you want to cross-sell successfully and boost your earnings in the process, you should consider suggesting things that your customers would find appealing. People buy mainly based on their feelings, and if something is on sale, they’ll be even more likely to purchase it. This can help you keep customers longer and boost your conversion rate considerably.

Cross-selling and upselling techniques to try

Create a sense of urgency

Convincing your customer to buy now while the offer is valid requires creating a sense of urgency. This tactic could significantly increase sales. Use phrases such as Only 100 pieces available or Two more pairs and offer ends today to encourage your customers to act.
Additionally, discounts and this method can work together. Therefore, offer discounts for a limited period to create a sense of FOMO in your customers.

Determine and arrange corresponding items

Organizing your products according to their features and price is a prerequisite for effectively implementing cross-selling on your Shopify store. By locating and classifying related products, you can provide your customers with more insightful suggestions.

It would also be easier if you sorted all the expensive and low-cost items. The best way to accomplish this is to list the inexpensive items and those in the price range on a single page. You would take the same action with the expensive items as well as the others in the range.
Phrases like “You might also like Shop,” etc., are appealing, and you ought to utilize them to draw clients’ attention to cross- and up-selling opportunities.

Reduce the number of suggestions made

In addition to wanting to grow sales in your company, you also need to be careful not to go overboard. A website’s visitors and buyers should not be alarmed by an excessive number of popups suggesting products.

When cross-selling, this is a crucial practice to be aware of. Recommendations should not be used excessively, as this may turn off customers and raise cart abandonment.

A page can have no fewer than three product recommendations. You don’t want to lose visitors before they have the opportunity to make a purchase, so showing more may be too distracting.

Make use of Shopify upsell popup

Implementing an upsell popup on your Shopify website is another successful upselling tactic. By using a Shopify upsell popup to entice customers with enticing upsell offers, you can increase sales without investing a lot of money in advertising. Additionally, employing an upsell popup for Shopify can raise your store’s average order value.


Implementing effective upselling and cross-selling techniques can greatly increase revenue. These strategies not only raise average order values and foster customer loyalty but also enhance the shopping experience. Collaborating with upselling and cross-selling strategies can be a game-changer for your store’s sales and overall success.

These strategies can easily be implemented in your online store with Shopify’s top cross- and up-sell apps. The key is to always provide your customers with relevant and valuable products that add real value.

Paspartoo can assist in the growth of your brand because we are trustworthy experts. Together with brand owners, we develop an effective strategy that combines several techniques to boost online conversions, sales, and brand recognition.


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