WooCommerce wholesale

Today, the world is home to an array of e-commerce platforms, and thus, it is very easy to sell products and services using online media. Interestingly, the majority of platforms do not differentiate between retail and wholesale customers. The most renowned platform that assists in the setup of online stores specifically for retail customers is WooCommerce. However, very few people are aware that the website is also popular among wholesale stores that sell particularly to trade users.

This article will guide you with the process of establishing a WooCommerce store for wholesale orders. You’ll become acquainted with the method to select and integrate the appropriate plugins for the development of a completely functional wholesale WooCommerce area. Various aspects for selling to the trade will be outlined here, which include:

  1. Features required for a WooCommerce wholesale plugin
  2. The process to develop a private wholesale area
  3. Discover how to easily protect your wholesale ordering store on WooCommerce.
  4. Determine wholesale pricing as well as discounts
  5. Learn the process to incorporate three different kinds of dynamic wholesale pricing.
  6. Develop wholesale layouts as well as order forms that are user-friendly
  7. Lastly, understand how you can list products in an ordering form on WooCommerce.

This tutorial will assist you in creating a WooCommerce wholesale store that is equipped with these useful features. This is very easy to establish when compared to other WooCommerce or WordPress plugins. You’ll be equipped with all the information you require to facilitate WooCommerce wholesale ordering right away.

Before you begin, remember to set up an elementary WooCommerce store. In case you haven’t done this already, install the WooCommerce plugin on any WordPress website. Incorporate a few of your products to help you get started. Right now, your products will become available publicly and will be listed within the default layout.

What are the features required by a WooCommerce wholesale plugin?

In the wholesale plugins markets available for WooCommerce, there are many that offer variable pricing for customers of retail and trade. In fact, many wholesale plugins offer just this.

For the majority of wholesale stores, differentiated pricing is a crucial component. But do note that this is just a small portion of the functionality that is required to convert WooCommerce into a store where you can conduct wholesale business.

For the creation of a complete wholesale store, you must do much more than merely alter the pricing. It is a good idea to showcase your wholesale products in a format that is less visual, to make to ideal for the trade. Moreover, remember to either password-protect or completely hide the store’s wholesale part, allowing only specific distributors to access it.

Now, let us look at the various categories that fall under the WooCommerce wholesale plugins:

  1. Firstly, there are WooCommerce pricing plugins, which essentially charge different rates for customers of retail and wholesale businesses.
  2. Plugins for the development of a private WooCommerce shop or a provision to either protect or hide specific parts within WooCommerce.
  3. WooCommerce plugins that develop a table or grid of products in a manner that is compatible with wholesale trade, instead of merely laying down the standard category layouts.
  4. WordPress Plugins for the development of a separate user role meant for wholesale users.
  5. Plugins that enable people to register and convert into wholesale distributors.

In order to assist you in creating a wholesale area that is equipped with all the features for your WooCommerce store, we recommend the ideal plugins under each of the categories:

  1. Dynamic Pricing (by WooCommerce)
  2. WooCommerce Private Store & Password Protected Categories (by Barn2)
  3. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro (by Barn2)
  4. WooCommerce Product Table
  5. User Role Editor
  6. Gravity Forms

Establish a WooCommerce wholesale ordering area that remains private

First, incorporate a wholesale WooCommerce store, which you hide from public view. This way, the store can only be accessed by approved wholesale customers. You could decide to set up a generic online retail store that has a separate private wholesale area. Moreover, you can also establish a йWooCommerce wholesale ordering store that is completely hidden and is not known by anybody.

All of this can be accomplished with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro. This section will discuss the way in which this amazing WooCommerce wholesale plugin can be added:

  1. login page – either with or without a registration form for wholesalers who are new to the system.
  2. User roles – set up further user roles under wholesale.
  3. Wholesale products – either the same products can be used in the public and wholesale areas (wherein there are special pricing and order forms specifically dedicated for wholesale users), or you could decide to incorporate completely different products for wholesale and retail.
  4. Menu links – Establish the navigation of the wholesale store.

Each of these steps is optional, and hence, you always have the choice of resorting to the default options when setting up the WooCommerce wholesale plugin.

The method to incorporate WooCommerce wholesale pricing to your site

Now, it is important to incorporate the feature of appropriate pricing as well as discounts for your wholesale users. You have the liberty of determining different pricing for different wholesale roles, which is an ideal step to undertake if you plan on giving tiered wholesale discounts for different groups. On your WooCommerce store, you can activate the wholesale pricing with the help of a free plugin:

  1. Install the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices plugin and activate it
  2. Integrate a new customer user role for wholesale
  3. For the products of your choice, add wholesale pricing
  4. For wholesale users, disable coupon codes if required
  5. Personalize the pricing display
  6. Test the determined pricing for wholesale

How to develop wholesale layouts & order forms that are user-friendly

Until now, we have looked at the ways in which you can protect your wholesale parts from the public and how you can set wholesale pricing. However, that only covers half the required steps to develop the ideal WooCommerce wholesale store.

The second half involves developing the layout of your wholesale region, which is associated with user experience, and thus, increasing your wholesale sales instead of working on functionality.

If your private wholesalers’ section is cluttered and challenging to use or looks exactly like your retail store, it is essentially useless. You must make sure that you are providing a visual experience that is different and works better with the wholesalers’ requirements.

Public e-commerce shops usually make use of a standard layout that has huge product images while outlining basic information. This is apt for retail customers who are not interested in learning about the product specifications elaborately but would be interested in going through interesting, persuasive visual listings. Customers can go through various products and click on them to look at their details on individual product pages. When selecting their products, they tend to take their own time and also open separate pages to select quantities and variations for each of them.

For the majority of WooCommerce wholesale stores, this layout resembling a retail store is not ideal. However, this fact is overlooked by most WooCommerce wholesale plugins, and the entire wholesale area is left resembling the public shop.

For correcting this issue, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has been designed to work in tandem with its sister plugin, which is the WooCommerce Product Table.

WooCommerce Product Table provides an order form layout that is perfect for wholesale

The listed products are placed in a grid or a table that is responsive and saves space and includes further information about the product along with instant purchase options.

This works well for wholesale customers if they are already acquainted with your products. They would be interested in viewing the entire information at a glance, choose quantities as well as variations, and engage in buying decisions that are quick via a one-page order form. They would not be keen on navigating to another page for every product!

With a product table wholesale layout, there is a simple way for B2B customers to order their frequent products over and over again, as it functions as a wholesale quick re-order list.

Obtaining more sales from your wholesale product tables

Note that the WooCommerce wholesale table plugin is very flexible. This summarizes the primary features that must be included when listing the wholesale products:

  1. Columns
    The table can have several columns and supports the important WooCommerce data fields, such as title, description, categories, product attributes, tags, stock, etc. You will be able to integrate further product data using custom fields as well as taxonomies.
  2. “Add to cart” buttons
    When you incorporate add-to-cart buttons, you allow wholesale customers to directly order online from the product table view. Decide if you want to integrate a quantity selector as well as product variations. Moreover, you can create even more options with the Product Add-Ons plugin. As a result, you can develop a wholesale order form that works well with easy bulk orders and quick re-orders.
  3. Wholesale inquiry forms
    You can substitute the add-to-cart column with wholesale inquiry buttons. When you add buttons or links to the wholesale table, users will find it easy to click through to another page with an inquiry form (which you create using a WordPress contact form plugin). You can also use the WooCommerce Product Table using a Request a Quote plugin.
  4. Downloadable documents
    Several Woo wholesale stores offer files that can be downloaded and contain technical product information. This is helpful when it comes to promotional materials and specification documents that can be downloaded. You can also incorporate a column that has an icon, button, or text associated with each product that links to a downloadable PDF or similar.
  5. Search, sort & filters
    Make use of filters to assist wholesale buyers in finding products in a quick and easy manner.

Make use of the quick view to accelerate the wholesale ordering

Now, you already know the way in which a one-page WooCommerce wholesale order form can be created. However, what if you wish to show further information or alternatives for purchase without sending wholesale users to another page for each product?

This can be done by incorporating the WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin. This wholesale quick view plugin allows you to incorporate quick view links or buttons within the order form. Customers of trade can look at further product information, pick from a variety of options and add it to their cart from a quick view lightbox.

After selecting it, they quickly go back to the wholesale order form, which is where they can add even more products to their order. Consequently, the process is quicker when compared to purchasing from a separate page.

There are several ways in which the quick view lightbox can be tailored to your WooCommerce wholesale store. For instance:

  1. Decide if images must be included in the quick view popup. Several wholesale stores sell products that are non-visual in nature. Thus, buyers need not be distracted using big images.
  2. Determine if quick view buttons must be included or customers can be allowed to open the lightbox through the clicking of the name or image of the product.
  3. Alter the wording within the Quick View button, such as ‘Configure Options’, ‘Read More’, or ‘Customize Product’.
  4. Select the information that must be displayed in the wholesale lightbox.

Test your WooCommerce wholesale store

As you have established the WooCommerce wholesale plugin, it is time to test it by understanding the experience of public and wholesale users.

  1. Log out and then, as a guest, visit the shop. Are the listed products and pricing accurate?
  2. Now, you must log in as a wholesale user to check whether the correct products and pricing are up? Are the links on the menu intuitive, and can the wholesale order form layout be viewed in case the WooCommerce Product Table has been used?

Navigate to the plugin settings and tweak your wholesale store until there are no flaws.

Integrate wholesale users to your WooCommerce store

After the WooCommerce wholesale plugin is tested, you can start incorporating wholesale users.

In case you have enabled wholesale registration, people will be able to register to create an account on the Wholesale Login page. You could also add wholesale users yourself, which can be done in many ways:

  1. Manual Method
    In WordPress, create a new user account (Users → Add New) for every wholesale user. Delegate them to one of the wholesale roles.
  2. Change existing customers, so they become wholesale
    In case you wish to convert a current existing customer to wholesale, this can be done by editing their account and selecting a wholesale role under the ‘Roles’ menu.
  3. Import them in bulk
    In case you are migrating from another B2B e-commerce system and there are many wholesale users that you can import, go through the instructions we have provided to do so.

Regardless of the method you choose, your B2B e-commerce users can easily log in to their accounts and enjoy navigating the private WooCommerce wholesale area. Its existence will remain hidden for guests and other user roles!

Final thoughts

In case you wish to develop a successful wholesale website, make use of WooCommerce to do it seamlessly. But do note that you would need to compliment the plugin using other tools to make the process easier for our wholesale customers.

Do you require any assistance in developing a successful wholesale website using WooCommerce? Or do you have any queries regarding the process of creating a wholesale website with the help of WooCommerce? Get in touch with us to learn more!