Most powerful and flexible eCommerce platform

There are so many recommendations, advice and opinions. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate all options and choose the ecommerce platform for Internet store. Many expert recommend Magento because it offers many awesome advantages, has wide functionality and high versatility.


Manage Your Content

Shop owner can customize the content of the webpage using a smart menu. Magento employs a user-friendly principle “what you see is what you get.” You do not need to be a geek to fine-tune your shopping cart or payment methods.

Easy Third-party Integrations

Integrate your business with Ebay, Paypal, Mail Chimp, Google Shopping, QuickBooks, and more. You can also add Google Analytics and many other plug-ins for comprehensive statistics and billing.

Mobile-Friendly Configuration

Magento works with all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. You will get more customers who want to shop on the go. It is a recent consumer trend that is projected  to grow in the next decade.

Customize Security Permissions

Safety is first. You need to keep your business safe. With Magento you can customize security permissions. It comes with SSL certificates, PCI Data Security Standard, CAPTCHA. Your business will be  protected and secure.

Advanced SEO

Magento will bring more traffic to your website because it has embedded SEO efficiency. Your products have higher chances to be pulled up by Google, Bing, and other search engines. You can also tickle and set your own SEO parameters for enhanced search.

Intelligent Filtered Search

Your shoppers can apply search and find the products they are looking for. Magento employs a unique search algorithm, tags, filters, and reviews. Your shoppers will also see recommendations and suggestions based on their search.

High Productivity

Sky is a limit. Magento accommodates up to 500,000 products and handle over 80,000 orders per hour. You can grow your business without fear that you will run out of space or power. However, you should know there are some requirements for Magento hosting for maximum performance and speeds.

Biggest Community

Did you know that more than 240,000 businesses use Magento? There are thousands Magento developers with international certifications in 35 different countries. The community is growing and developing as new members switch to Magento for better business opportunities.

Built-in Upsells, Cross-sells

Magento uses prompts and offers related products to your customers to drive sales. Recommendations are displayed on checkout pages. Your profit will be higher when you enhance shopping experience and use suggestions.

Saves time and money

As an open-source platform, Magento offers free customized extensions and plugins. Its developers invested time and money so you can save your resources. You do not have to invent a bicycle! You can enjoy your ride when you create and manage multiple ecommerce stores with Magento.

What We Offer

We can make your ecommerce business stand out with the help of Impulsis! We can develop and customize solutions for large web based businesses! We do not promise magic, we deliver results!

Magento Development

Magento is a widely-used eCommerce platform. We can design and launch your store with Magento.

Migration to Magento

Switch to Magento e-commerce platform because it offers awesome flexibility, performance and functionality.

Magento Maintenance

We help you running your Magento store and become you technical support and maintenance team.

Our Successful Magento Projects

World Brands Using Magento

Over 240’000 stores worldwide using Magento Ecommerce Solutions.

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