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It means we're able to work with our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

It means we're able to work with our clients during the entire lifecycle of the customer journey.

  • Omni-Channel

    Coordination of all offline and online sales channels in a unified managed infrastructure. In conjunction with PIM, OMS systems.
  • System Integration

    ERP, Back-Office integration of Magento store activities into the automated business processes of your enterprise.
  • Marketing

    Delivery of marketing ideas via popular marketing channels. SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing, etc ..
  • Alanytics and Reporting

    Deep understanding of customer behavior enables brands to maintain customers better.
  • OMS (Order Management System)

    Required attribute of Omnicannal systems, which allows to manage the complete life cycle of the order, taking into account all business features.
  • PIM (Product Info Managment)

    Centralized management of products' information needed to sell them through various distribution channels, regardless of geography, languages and suppliers. Warehouses, price policy, shelf life, automatic replenishment and much more are now available from a single web interface.
  • POS (Point of Sale)

  • CRM

    In conjunction with analytics, marketing, the CRM system allows to segment the audience for its purchase motivation and open new channels for automatic sales.
  • Digital Productions

    We believe that high-quality content can significantly increase customer loyalty and his credibility to the product.

Our Core Magento Services

And many other things...

Magento Development

We have a dedicated team of Magento trained developers. With up-to-date knowledge of the latest Magento code.

B2B & B2C Business Architecture

Building of logical solutions of projects' business goals. Scoping Business Requirements, User Journey Maps, Customer Workflow, UX, etc.

3rd Party Integrations

Integration of additional platforms and full automation of their interaction with Magento in an integrated system. ERP, POS, WMS, OMS, Finance Systems and much more.

Migrations to M2

Transfer to Magento 2 is actually the creation of a new website. We have the expertise of transfer the entire business structure and logic to a new platform.

Support & Maintenance

We provide batch hourly technical support to all our projects. Our customers can be calm for the stable operation of stores.

Creative Services

We develop extremely strong UI store interfaces, based on the professional work of the business analyst and UX specialist.

Absolute Risk-Free Solutions

Step by step relationships. Pay per completed stages.

4 Reasons to Choose Us

In-House Certifited Magento Team

In-House certifited magento developers and authorized UI/UX designers

Bug-Free Warranty

6 months bug-free code development warranty for all projects

Real Estimates & Access to Development

We work with Agile methodology, where the client always has open access to the project, its tasks, reports and estimates

Flexible Integration

We are always ready to change the direction of development in relation to the new project requirements.


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