About Us — website services company. We create teams of real IT developers professionals for our partners by gathering them from Ukrainian offices under our full control. Partners have complete control over all processes and we guarantee transparent relations at all stages of cooperation. There is no problem for us if you need only one person or a team of twenty. We help you easily scale the team of more than 5,000 local experts, and 100 thousands of professionals throughout Ukraine.

Our integration model

We offer different models of integration. Choose the one that suits your requirements. Each model is balanced against business requirements, time frames and cost

Outstaff team

It is your own IT team, reflected in Ukraine. It is fully customized to your culture, business objectives and management system.

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Managed Team

Your team is fully under our control. You just give us project technical requirements and deadlines and we are strictly working through the agreed backlog and the timing of implementation. This method of collaboration allows you to focus on your core business objectives and not to waste attention on details.

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Outsource Project

This cooperation model allows us to transfer all the development problems of the project to our Paspartoo experts. You get a «turnkey» project, in accordance with all the concepts and requirements that you have identified.

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Real benefits of outstaffing in Ukraine

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